Google launches a page “My Activity” that shows all of your web and device activity

Google has launched a page called My Activity, that is aimed at showing users–and allowing them to control–all of their Google related web activity.

The page is a timeline-based collection of activity that includes things like Web searches, sites visited, videos watched and more. The site is, of course, located behind your Google login, and is visible only to the user. It is a vertically scrolling timeline that indicates the entirety of a user’s activity across devices.
Using this resource, users can view a breakup of items accessed, such as Chrome searches, image searches, YouTube videos, Google News and more. Individual items can be deleted from this listing, or entire topics can be as well. You can for example search for ‘cars’, and all activity around this topic will show up. These can then be deleted individually or in total.
Users can also change what aspects are associated with their account, including things like Web and App access, location history, device information, voice and audio activity, YouTube search and watch history. Each of these can be turned off if required.
You can delete specific items or entire topics. You can also change your settings and decide what data gets associated with your account.


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