Laravel : List of Artisan Make Commands with Parameters

Laravel has awesome set of artisan commands, probably the most often used are make:xxx – like make:model or make:migration etc. But do you know all of them? And, moreover, do you know their parameters which may help to make the code even quicker...

Prestashop : Global smarty template variables

{$base_dir_ssl} URL of your store when SSL certificate is active {$base_dir} URL of your store {$cart} Information about cart. Read entries below for more informations {$cart->id} ID of customer cart {$cart->id_shop_group} ID of shop group...

jQuery: hide() box when clicking on body but not() on element itself?

You need to check against instead is
$('body').click(function(e) {
var target = $(;
if(!'#btn') && !'#overlay')) {
if ( $('#overlay').is(':visible') ) $('#overlay').hide();

Total Custom Post and Pages

// total number of pages ST —- $type = “home-videos”; $display_post =9; $destinationtotal = array(‘post_type’ =>$type, ‘posts_per_page’ =>-1, ); $destinationtotals = new WP_Query( $destinationtotal );...

Fixing the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

Let’s assume that your website is working fine until a few days back, a minor glitch takes place, and it escapes your mind. Suddenly, you start observing a 500 internal error on every page of your website. Don’t worry! I know that you are now...

SQL List of Countries

This data is correct as of 29 April 2018. Note that some countries have single quotes in their names, these need to be escaped for SQL. The SQL below is escaped, but the tab delimited version is not. Please post a...

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