BootStrap close model window and reset iframe src

Issue : When we closes YouTube video in model window, It keeps playing in background.
Poopup is closed but you can hear Audio in background.

Solutions :

OPT – 1) YouTube : Reset same video url in iframe src ( For individual popups )
jQuery(document).ready( function() {
jQuery(“#myModal-video”).on(‘’, function () {
console.log(” video closed “);

jQuery(“#myModal-video iframe”).attr(“src”, jQuery(“#myModal-video iframe”).attr(“src”));



OPT – 2) YouTube : Clear video url in iframe src in model popup (For common popups )

jQuery(document).ready( function() {
jQuery(“#myModal-video“).on(‘’, function () {
jQuery(‘#youtube_iframe’).attr(‘src’, “”);

IF You want to remove Autoplay (autoplay=1) from all iframe

jQuery(“iframe”).each(function() {
var video_url = jQuery(this).attr(“src”);
video_url = video_url.replace(“autoplay=1”, “autoplay=0”);
jQuery(this).attr(“src”, video_url);

1) #myModal-video = Model window ID
#youtube_iframe = iframe ID under model window


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