Torrent sites are the easiest way to download Movies, Software, Games, and Music from the internet. In simple words, you can say that it’s a free source of data downloads for millions. Torrents are widely popular and are used worldwide. As an estimate, millions of TBs of data is uploaded and downloaded daily via different torrent clients throughout the world. It’may be illegal but it’s the sufficient way of transferring large files over the internet using the P2P protocols. It’s not considered as piracy by any means. It’s the data that counts as illegal because of the torrenting Act. Based on the interest of worldwide Torrent Clients users and the clamoring demands, there is a number of top torrent sites that offers services despite the strict laws. This article tends to provide you with a list of best torrent sites that you can use to download data. This article covers the following topics (you can click on the anchor link if want to read only a particular section about torrents).


Disclaimer: Keep in mind that codifyclub.blogspot does not encourage its users to share or download any illegal files over the internet. Please be a good judge of your actions while using any of the torrent and file sharing websites.

What is a Torrent?

If you are unfamiliar with the Term Torrent! This question might surface in your mind. What is a Torrent? Well, a torrent is a fast stream of data that helps you download or upload files over the internet. It’s a file sharing medium that can be used to upload or download large or small files. This can be achieved by using any of the available Torrent Clients, Such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitSpirit, and Deluge, etc. A torrent or a BitTorrent client uses TCP as it’s primary data transport protocol. While downloading or uploading the data, it uses the TCP Port and allows the data traffic via the Peer2Peer trackers. This DHT extension further uses various UDP ports and provides with a link between the Peers. Once the connection between the Peers is stable, the download starts as a Torrent.

How to Download Torrent?

A Torrent can be downloaded by using a Torrent Client . This client works Online and allows you to download your desired files in a specific amount of time-based upon your internet speed. There are a lot of Torrent Clients available on the internet. Some of these torrent Clients are free and some are paid. It solely depends on your choice of what Torrent Client you like. Some of the best and free torrent clients include uTorrent, Deluge, BitTorrent, Vuze, BitComet, Transmission, BitLord, and Tixati. By using any of these torrent clients, you can download the torrent and enjoy spending your time on some fun movies, games, software and loads of other great things.

Are Torrent Sites Legal?

When you think about downloading torrents from a torrent site, this Question might surface on your mind. Are the Torrent Sites Legal? Well, there is a big difference between the terms Torrent and Piracy. A lot of people think that downloading a Torrent is Piracy, but you’ll be glad to know that these two have nothing in common. A torrent means the transmission or in simple words, Data Transfer between two or more people (Clients) on the internet. This data can be legal or illegal at the same time. The torrent Act doesn’t say that the torrent is illegal but the Content can be illegal. That’s because of strict Copyright Infringement Laws about the Content. Most of the content (Movies, Games, Music, Files, etc.) on the internet is free to download but there is a huge pile of content that the owning Companies don’t offer for free.

This is where the line is drawn. You can download the free Content via Torrent and that would not be called illegal. But, if you download content that’s not allowed by the owning authorities for download, is called illegal. For instance, you are using torrent sites for books, which are not actually listed by their respective authors, then you are surely using torrents for an illegal purpose.

Hence, the question “Are the Torrent Sites Legal?”… Yes, because the torrent sites are not in any sense illegal, but there could be content on the torrent sites, that counts as illegal. So, whenever downloading a torrent, be sure of the Content that’s presented on any particular torrent website. If you download illegal content anyway, be advised, because it can land you in a bit of trouble with the authorities.

Best Torrent Sites 2017

Since the Kickass torrents was taken down, a lot of many people are now querying for the new torrent download sites which are unblocked, safe, and free. So here is the follow-up of 50 best torrent sites for you. You can use any of these sites to download your favorite Content free of cost. All you got to do is to install any Torrent Client on your PC and search for the content to download it online. Let’s have a look at some of the best torrent Sites in 2017. Hopefully, these torrent sites would help you find and download the Content you like the most. All of these torrenting sites are live and working as on date.


torrent Sites or also known as the legendary Yify Torrents is a great source to download verified files online. This is probably one of the best movie torrent sites you’ll ever find on the internet. One brilliant feature of this site is that it offers movies in multiple quality types. You can download movies with 720p and 1080p quality. You can also enjoy downloading the best 3D movies on as well. With all the free downloads, also lets register as a Yiffy member. Once you are a member, you can get access to bundles of premium quality movies and enjoy all the entertainment. offers easy, fast and secure movie search and an easy to navigate beautiful site layout. If you are serious about your movie collections, might be a great place to download them.


Best Torrent Sites stands as one of the most reliable, trusted, and best torrent sites of all. It was banned for a brief amount of time because of the Torrent Act, but later on, it continued its services and is still serving all the Torrent hunters well. The site was previously considered as a less safe portal for torrents, but now it’s moved to more secure and reliable servers. It offers a community of worldwide Torrent users and encourages you to join it. You can have all their latest releases and news related to all kinds of content in the community as well. Furthermore, offers its own Torrent Client that you can download and install on your computers. This makes the content downloads more secure and it’s free of cost. You can have torrent Client here.


torrenting sites is another remarkable source of Torrent Downloads. This free-to-use torrent site ranks well among all the top torrent sites and offers a variety of Content. The advanced search mechanism allows you to have more refined searches and enjoy downloading content just as you like. Another great feature of is the fantastic lineup of content that helps you stay up to date with all the new releases and stuff. Categorically, is one of the most reliable and best torrent sites. Furthermore, you can have an account on, subscribe to RSS feed and get mail alerts for the new releases.

4. Monova.Org

Best Torrent Sites

If you like finding torrents on a simple yet effective Torrent site, Monova.Org is your best choice. It offers a simplistic website layout yet effective and a very fast search engine. You can search on Monova.Org via putting in the Hash or simply by the name and your search comes up within seconds. It lets you surf through content collected from various sources and lets you choose the best. Like other torrent sites, Monova.Org lets you upload content by simply registering to the site. This site tops the ranks among some of the best torrent sites that are free and secure at the same time.

5. Yourbittorrent.Com

top torrent sites

Yourbittorrent.Com is another great title that truly is one of the most reliable, safe and free torrent sites. From movies to music, software to games, and anime to eBooks, Yourbittorrent.Com makes all kinds of downloads available for you. It keeps you updated with all the latest trends in every genre and lets you enjoy downloading torrents with ease. Uploading the Torrents on Yourbittorrent.Com is quite easy as compared to a lot of other torrent sites. Yourbittorrent.Com works best with Utorrent BitTorrent client, so it is recommended that you use it with Utorrent. That way you’ll get better peer connections and good download speed.

6. FullDLS / PearlTrees

top torrent sites

FullDLS or also known as is one of the biggest and most secure Torrent Sites. With over 2.5 million torrents and a huge user base, FullDLS lets you have the best results in almost all of the searches. One disadvantage of the Site is that it mainly relies on the advertisement. This makes surfing FullDLS a bit laggy but the overall performance of the site is just wondering. It highly recommended by readers and all the users of FullDLS. So, you can use this site to download torrents and enjoy surfing one of the best free torrent sites. You can also join PearlTree Community by registering online.

7. LimeTorrents

best torrent sites

By the Looks, LimeTorrents is just like any other torrent site but in reality, this extraordinary site offers more. It offers a sleek front end with easy to navigate style. With over a 2 million torrents, LimeTorrents is growing every day and hence it offers more torrents than any other site. With a great standard and quality of seeds, legitimate files, and all the proven content, LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent sites and a great Kickass torrents alternative. You can search for content with ease and stay secure at the same time. As one of the top torrent sites, LimeTorrents offers verified and quality downloads. Do try it out next time when you have to download a torrent; it’ll definitely satisfy you with all the amazing content it has to offer.

8. BitSnoop.Com

best torrent sites

BitSnoop.Com is one of the biggest and the most reliable Torrent download sites. It has one of the biggest databases of Torrents available for public and it offers over 18 million indexed files. As compared to a lot of the biggest names of Torrents, BitSnoop is one of the oldest and most secure sites. It offers a huge variety of content. A unique feature of the website is that it presents the results with all the ratings, comments and reviews. This helps you determine which torrent is best for you. With a high number of Seeds and peer connections, BitSnoop would definitely serve you well. So if you want to search anything related to movies, games, songs, software, books and other stuff, BitSnoop is the best place to be.

9. Zoogle

best torrent download sites

Zoogle is a newly founded Torrent Site. It offers over 1.5 million verified torrents and adds up thousands of new titles every day. In general, Zoogle offers over 1265 TV shows with 128 thousand Episodes, over 30 thousand Movie titles, over 2.5 PB of Data, and 15.5 million files. It offers thousands of working trackers that support over eight million Scrapes. Another great feature of the Zoogle is that it categorizes the Content really well. You’ll notice everything at its very appropriate spot. This feature lets you go through the Content without even searching and find what seems best to you. With a whole lot of Anime, Animations, Movies, Music and games, Zoogle also serves as one of the best Anime Torrent Sites. As one of the emerging and best torrent sites, Zoogle offers free and secure services to all the users.


torrents is specifically designed for Movies and Music searches in English and Spanish languages. On this brilliant site, you’ll find most of the content in these two languages. A fantastic feature of the is that it combines searches from popular torrent sites and specialized trackers and as the result it lets you have the best possible results. One downside of the site is that it encourages you to use a VPN while downloading torrents from This feature, in general, is for your own protection but it feels a bit hectic to do. As compared to other torrent sites, offers a fast response time and lets you enjoy surfing through more results than a lot of other torrent sites. It’s one of the best torrent sites for you, do try it out.

11. Torrent Fu

Torrent Funk is a massively popular Torrent Site that supports ratings, comments, and reviews. The site provides with millions of verified torrents for its worldwide audience. With a very pleasing and easy to navigate layout, good search results and up to date content, Torrent Funk lets you find your queries with ease. Another remarkable feature of the site is that it offers cross-movie recommendations that allow the users to easily navigate to the desired link. Several and various other reviewing site users recommend Torrent Funk. If you want to save some time while searching for movies, seasons, games, or Software, you must try out Torrent Funk. It’ll definitely prove its worth and hopefully become a part of your best torrent sites collection.


torrent download or formerly known as is one of the oldest and the most trustworthy titles among the best torrent sites. This particular site was shut down by MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) in 2013. It resurfaced after a brief time with a new domain name and a new server in a new country. As one of the best, Isohunt is still serving millions of torrent hunters worldwide. If you want to know about one most secure and reliable torrent site, is the place you are looking for. Do visit this site and support this mega Peer 2 Peer file sharing website.

13. Toorgle.Com

sites to download torrent

Toorgle.Com is a micro torrent site as compared to the others but it has a good amount of content available to be downloaded. It offers over five million indexed torrents plus the over 450 torrents of it own. The site uses google search for the torrents and interlinks it with its own database. This shortens up the response time and as the result, you get to your desired title instantly. This feature alone makes the site more reliable than a lot of other titles. Furthermore, you can add the Toorgle Search bar in your browsers. This helps you reach down to the content faster. As one of the best torrent Sites. Toorgle.Com should definitely be a part of your collection.


torrent sites is the busiest and visually stunning Torrent site. Just to let you navigate through the content easily, it offers a thumbnail-based system. This helps you reach down to your favorite title instantly. With everything managed well categorically, allows you to use the site search and enjoy browsing through the titles. It mansions the uploader tells about the health of the torrent, and lets you know about the seeds and leeches at the same time. The commenting on almost all the titles helps you differentiate between the good and bad titles. With all the updated content, easy navigation and the availability of almost everything you need makes it one of the best places to search your torrents. Do give it a try.


best torrent sites is more like the popular BitPort.Io. It’s a third party Cloud downloader and torrent site. Unlike many free torrent sites, offers paid service to its users. You can get registered by paying an online fee of 1.5 USD a week or 50 USD for a year. It offers a VPN with the services and makes sure your identity hidden while using the site. Furthermore, it offers encrypted data that only you can access. If you rave about fast downloads, stable connections, and anonymity, is a must for you. Do visit if you haven’t yet tried it. You’ll definitely love what it has to offer. With a reasonable price, fully secure and encrypted content, is one the best torrent sites.


top torrent sites is another paid but one of the highly reliable and secure Cloud Torrent and Online Streaming site. With some of the most innovative features allows you to Stream files online if you don’t want to download them. You can stream the files with Subtitles in your browsers, on your phones or tablets. On the other hand, if you want to download files, you can download them without a Torrent Client directly to your Cloud. Once the files are downloaded to your Cloud, you can stream them both online and offline. This allows you to turn off your computer whenever you like because the files download on your cloud online. This particular feature makes it one of the best torrent sites if you are willing to pay for the content. offers reasonable pricing plans parallel to the amount of data you require. So, it’s a good deal.


free torrent sites is a free Torrent service for all the torrent freaks around the globe. This site is actually a tribute to the Legendary Kickass Torrents. As one of the top trending and reliably safe torrent sites, offers a variety of content. With millions of indexed and loads of titles related to movies, games, music, books, software, and a bunch of other categories, lets you surf through the site easily. For all the ones who love downloading torrents on their mobiles and tablets, offers an application as well. As a new emerging torrent site, most of the users are not familiar with it yet. The interface of the site is getting in good shape every day and it’ll definitely be one of the best titles when completed. Do try it out, it’s fast, reliable, and safe.


torrent websites is a massive torrent site as compared to a lot of other sites currently online. This mega-site offers over three million torrent files and millions of other Indexed ones. This remarkable and one of its kind site uses a Keyword Cloud Map to refine the searches and makes the interface a bit simpler than the rest. You can find all kinds of Movies, TV Shows, Music, and software on It widely popular among the torrenting circles around the globe and is ranked one of the most reliable, safe and fast torrent sites. Next time when you get to download torrents, do consider visiting will definitely prove its significance among the best torrent sites you’ll ever come across.


best torrent websites, formerly known as EZTV.Org is another great title among a number of Best Torrent sites. This site is fully run by the uploaders and is surviving well. The site offers a bit less content than the other bigger sites but the users speak very highly of it. Considering all the excellent content, is one of the best movie torrent sites. You’ll find a variety of other content on the site as well. There are loads of software, music, games, and books related titles on the site’s database that you can download with anonymity and securely. It offers the content quality check, release time, number of seeds and peers, and the commenting functionality that makes it easy to know about the content you download.

20. Torlock

top torrent websites

One of the most secure torrent sites where you can find 100% verified content is the incredible Torlock. It covers almost all of the genres and allows its users to report any fake torrents. For this purpose, Torlock pays its users and as the result, you get legitimate content. In a world of all kinds of spurious files, Torlock offers a tremendously steadfast service. For all those who download torrents regularly, and are fed up with all the fake downloads, click bait, and fraudulent content, Torlock is one of the most trustworthy sites. As one of the most innovative and probably the best torrent sites, Torlock will definitely be a great source of downloads for you. Do give it a try.


top torrenting sites

For all those Peer2Peer enthusiasts who take torrenting sites seriously, an enormously brilliant source of downloading verified content. It offers torrents with good ranks and high quality and offers millions of files ready to download. In a sense, this remarkable site is not for everybody. You’ll agree to this if you simply have a look at the file sizes. If you are serious about all of your video files such as Movies, Anime, Music videos, etc. you should definitely visit and enjoy surfing through loads of highly ranked HD files. offers paid service to its members only at very reasonable rates. If you are interested, you should certainly visit and register. You’ll find RARBG as one of the very best movie torrent sites.

22. Demonoid

torrenting sites

Demonoid is a Private Membership Community-based Torrent service. It allows you to become a member of the Demonoid community via the Invitations. This fantastic and quite up to date website offers torrents from all of the genres including Movies, Music, Software, Games, eBooks, and loads of other categories. It’s one of the longest running and continuously growing Torrent portals available on the internet. With the demise of Kickass Torrents, currently, Demonoid is one of the best torrent sites for you. It offers more perks if you are a member of the Demonoid community, so are you ready to take on this marvelous opportunity? Well, you should hurry up, because the Demonoid community is currently accepting new members. Don’t forget to show some love by donating to Demonoid as it runs on the donations given by you, the members.

23. The Pirate Bay

movie torrent sites

If we call it the King of Torrents, that wouldn’t be wrong. The Pirate Bay is one of the best and probably one of the oldest running Torrent sites till date. This amazing site was banned for some time but now it’s fully functioning. It remained closed for past year but it is now working from its original domain This makes the site more authoritative than the rest you’ll see on this list of best torrent sites of 2017. With an Alexa rank of 116 and all time number 2 torrent site, The Pirate Bay offers a database of millions of movie, games, software, and music titles. Furthermore, The Pirate Bay offers fast, reliable, and secure downloads for all the Torrent enthusiasts worldwide.

Update – The Pirate Bay News

According to reports, torrenting users in the UK are receiving the warnings when using torrent sites like The Pirate Bay. The warning is sent out as a part of “Get It Right Campaign” which is being run by the Government. As of now, the report mentions Virgin Media, Sky, and BT which have started sending out the warning messages to users in the UK which are torrenting for illegal means. The email content is as follows-

“It looks like someone has been using your broadband to share copyrighted material (that means things like music, films, sport or books). And as your broadband provider, we have to let you know when this happens.”


safe torrent sites was one of the best until it went down because of some serious security concerns. It resurfaced with a more reliable and secure system that satisfied the users and admins. With over ten million torrents in its database, is now fully secure to browse and download torrents. It now offers a new Index page that contains only the searches but not the content. This helps make the site eligible for the search engines and none of the content gets blocked anymore. It also provides a link to the old index page, if you like you can visit it anytime.


music torrent sites or Torrent Search Engine Project is the cleanest, Fast, Accurate, and one trustworthy BitTorrent search engine. It uses a DHT network to collect, search, and verify the data acquired from over 300 torrent websites, including ThePirateBay and Kickass Torrents (Closed now). For search purposes, it uses a meta search engine of its own and offers results in a very little time. With a good response time, millions of torrent files, a huge database and millions of users online, TorrentProject is a great place to download stuff.

26. Torrentz 2

free torrent sites for movies

Torrentz 2 is the replacement of the original TorrentZ.EU website. It came into existence when the Torrentz servers went down last year. Now Torrentz and Torrentz 2 both are working to serve millions of torrent enthusiasts worldwide. With over 5.5 million indexed torrents and over 18 million pages from 71 sites, Torrentz 2 offers a fastest and secure medium of online content downloads. It offers a Metasearch engine that makes it different from the original Torrentz.EU website. In simple words, Torrentz 2 is the new and improved version of its predecessor.

27. Public Domain Torrents

ebook torrent sites

Public Domain Torrents is a movie specific title in the world of best torrent sites. This particular site offers a whole lot of classic and B-Movies for free. If you are a classic and old movies fan, you should absolutely get to Public Domain Torrents and enjoy some really amazing movies. This remarkable site uploads classic movies every month and allows you to download them free. In addition, Public Domain Torrents lets you rate their movies and leave comments once you are registered with the site. As one of the best Movie torrent Sites, Public Domain Torrents should certainly be a part of your best torrent sites compilation.

28. Mininova

the best torrent sites

Mininova is the simplest yet promising title among all the best torrent sites you can visit this year. It offers a huge database of your favorite movies, music charts, games, eBooks, and software and lets you download them via a torrent client for free. It presents all the content with proper categorization and makes it easy to navigate through all the genres. Another good feature of the site is that it tags the content as it uploads it. This feature lets you know about the titles that are older or the ones that are new. With a good detail of seeds, leeches and file sizes it allows you to pick the best downloads. If you are a toolbar fan, Mininova lets you install one on your browser for a free and fast reach to the content.


anime torrent sites

TorrentDB, also known as is online once again. It went down for a good amount of time but it’s now working just fine. The hard rules and regulations and security concerns made the site touch it’s down in the midst of 2016. After almost 5 or 6 months, the site regained its spot by moving to more secure and faster servers. It now offers a variety of content in various genres such as Movies, Music, games, Software, Books, TV, and Mobile videos. TorrentDB has its own community and it encourages to become a member by registering to the site online. You can also download TorrentDB Client for faster and reliable torrent downloads. It’s one of the Best Torrent Sites with a simple layout and easy navigation.

30. TorrentBit

torrent sites

TorrentBit is another great inclusion to the best torrent sites niche. It’s known as one of the best sources for torrent downloads. Based on secure and fast databases, TorrentBit offers its services for free and lets you enjoy surfing through the content with full confident. You can download your favorite movies, anime, music, games, books, mobile applications, pictures, TV, and Adult torrents from TorrentBit. The search mechanism of TorrentBit relies on Metasearch engines. It offers millions of indexed torrent pages as well as a huge number of interlinking torrent websites and their content. Do try it out sometimes.

31. Torrent Provider

game torrent sites

Torrent Provider now known as Download Provider is a consistent, fast and free torrent downloading website. This site offers a free registration and a community for a better reach to its users. You can download popular movies, games, music and various other files from different genres all in one place. Torrent Provider offers fast search results and offers a language support for various regions of the world. So, are you ready to try it out? Well, you should definitely be, because it’s free, fast and trustworthy torrent downloading site.

32. First Class Download

best torrent sites

First Class Download is another rising title among all the best Torrent sites in 2017. This site takes the copyright infringement very seriously and discourages any copyrighted content. First Class Download adds up thousands of new files every day and keeps track of all the users online. This makes the site more trusting because of all the security measures are taken good care of. In a sense, First Class Download is a general torrent download website that offers various categories of the content. It’s free, quick and trusted source to download stuff that you like.


top torrent sites is another big Torrent site that works well with Utorrent client. This site categorizes its content on the basis of Days, Weeks and months and offers an easy navigation. Like most of the Torrent websites, BitTorrent offers Metasearch engines for faster, reliable and secure searches while browsing the site. It offers content from multiple genres and allows you to download it free of cost. As a sister site to the Torrentz and Torrentz 2, BitTorrent keeps its standards and discourages any copyrighted content. This particular feature makes it one of the most reliable and secure torrent sites of all.

34. SumoTorrent

free torrent sites

SumoTorrent is a pioneer in the torrenting world. If we call it the father of most of the today’s torrent sites, it wouldn’t be wrong at all. Online since 2007, SumoTorrent is over a decade old torrent website that’s serving the users well. It offers up to date content and keeps of presenting more and more of the files. With a secure and trustworthy search and a community of millions of users, SumoTorrent offers millions of indexed pages as well as the main downloads. As one of the most popular and best torrent sites, SumoTorrent should definitely be part of your favorite torrent sites. You can also have a browser plugin that helps navigate to the site faster.

35. TorrentUS

torrent movie sites

TorrentUS previously known as Tornado Torrent is a fast torrent download website. This particular website was also closed because of strict rules and regulations. Soon after it’s servers shut down, TorrentUS moved to more secure and faster servers. For all those who want latest movie, software, books, games, anime, and mobile video torrents, TorrentUS is the best place. Do give it a try and enjoy all the amazing variety of content. TorrentUS is free to use and it offers Meta searching capabilities for a faster and reliable source of entertainment. You can also have TorrentUS client here.

36. OnlyTorrents

torrent movie sites

OnlyTorrents is the newest and most efficient Torrent downloading sites of all. With various sorted domains, P2P network protocols, and all the immense amount of content, OnlyTorrents lets you navigate through the files securely and efficiently. With a huge database of Multi-genre and multi-lingual files, OnlyTorrents is quite popular among the top torrenting sites worldwide. If you are a torrent freak and you love to download some quality content, do visit OnlyTorrents.

37. OMGTorrent

kickass alternative

OMGTorrent is a French torrent website started back in 2008. The site is still serving all of its millions of users and it offers up-to-date content. It offers a thumbnail categorization for the available content (Movies, Music, Books, Software, etc.) on the website. One downside of the site is that it keeps on showing the annoying ads. This leads to an uneasy access to various features of OMGTorrent. By the overall feel and beautiful presentation, OMGTorrent is one of the trusted, reliable, fast, and secure ways to download the content.

38. TorrentLeech

kickass alternative

TorrentLeech is an invite-based torrent site that offers a whole lot of movies, music, games, and lots of other files on a Cloud server. To use the site, you must be a member. You can become a member of TorrentLeech by simply getting an invite from any of the members or the site admins. Once you are a member, you can have access to unlimited amounts of Content and enjoy finding your favorite titles. TorrentLeech ranks on top among all the cloud-based Torrent services. Get to TorrentLeech if you are willing to get drowned in the sea of content. Invites are made available on the site regularly.

39. SOSTorrent

kickass torrents alternative

SOSTorrent is a free Torrent site that cross-links the results of all the major search engines. As the result, you get the best search results and that shorten ups the time spent to find your favorite titles. SOSTorrent includes searches from PirateBay, SumoTorrent, Torrentz, TorrentReactor, IsoHunt, and Google. With a very fast server response time and all the great content, it allows you to browse through millions of indexed pages. As one of the most underrated torrent sites, SOSTorrent isn’t a lot popular, but it’s secure, fast and reliable Torrent website you’ll ever find. Do give it a try next time when you search for your favorite titles.

40. BTMon

kickass torrents alternative

BTMon provides with one of the biggest torrent databases and because of that, it ranks high on the torrenting websites chart. From your favorite movies to music, software to games, and books to anime, BTMon offers all of the content that you can possibly search for.  Another great feature of the site is that it offers verified content only and discourages all the Copyrighted and infringed content. The search mechanism of BTMon is quite simple and takes up a little time to show the results based on your queries. You can use this site as a Torentz alternative as well.

41. Lossless Legs

pirate bay alternative

Lossless Legs is a Music only Torrent site that offers quality Music content for all the music lovers. This particular site is a community dedicated marvel and is driven by it. To share the high quality and trade-friendly music charts, Lossless Legs lets you use the site by registering online. Once you are a registered member, you can have access to bundles of free music files. You can share these music files to your friends and enjoy getting free music. All the content on the site is legal and Lossless Legs discourages to share any infringed or copyrighted material. As one of the best Music Torrent Sites Lossless Legs is highly recommended for you.

42. Legittorrents

legal torrent site

Legittorrents offers an entirely legal and free content for all the hardcore torrent lovers. The site has now over 19.49 TB data and over 28 thousands of free registered users worldwide. Legittorrents uses Peer2Peer data transfer functionality as well as the fast search and server response time. As compared to a lot of Torrent websites, Legittorrents offers an advanced search mechanism that lets you find your favorite titles with easy. Legittorrents is free to use and lets you find the best matches against your search queries. If you love simple layouts while browsing through the content, you should definitely try Legittorrents for torrent downloads.

43. ZombTorrent

pirate bay alternative

ZombTorrent is a free Live Music torrent site that lets you share your favorite music with your friends and all the torrent seekers around the globe. It also works as the main trading community for Lossless Legs. It’s totally free to access and accepts registration requests from the general public. However, the owning company reserves the right to grant the account to any individual. ZombTorrent is specifically developed for Music sharing purposes only, so it’s currently one of the best Working and Free Music Torrent sites. Do give it a try when you need to download some music torrents. You’ll instantly become a fan of this remarkable site.


pirate bay alternative is an eLearning Torrent service provider for all those who love learning via quality e-Learning stuff found on This site is widely used as a private place for all the Learning enthusiasts. You can be part of by simply registering to the site. This way you’ll get full access to the site content. is based upon strict rules and the moderators encourage everybody willing to be part of, read the rules and regulations first. Besides downloading stuff from, you can upload E-learning stuff too. This helps other members big time and earns you some credits on the site. Please keep in mind that requires a trusted and secure BitTorrent Client to download your desired files from the website.

45. Linux Tracker

torrentz alternative

Linux Tracker is a Linux specific torrent Downloading website. This site focuses on providing the content about Linux Systems such as updates, Apps and more. It offers a large number of indexed pages and allows you to search on the site via other search engines and torrent sites. The site mostly relies on the earning by the ads and Donations. Please do visit this site and help them grow and enjoy more Linux Content. Linux Tracker is free to access and offers the content free of cost at all times.

46. BTETree

pirate bay alternative

BTETree is created and managed by It offers free Live Music Concert data and a community of friendly trading artists. You’ll find a variety of different bands and their music on this website. The online sales help the artists grow and pay for their expenses. BTETree is the virtual home to thousands of Artists and to their work. BTETree offers Music torrents from a good number of worldwide locations. So, if you download content from BTETree, you’ll have a chance to learn about the Music from different regions of the world. With a simple layout and easy navigation, BTETree is one of the best Music Torrent sites. Do visit this site regularly and stay up to date with the latest music content.


best torrent sites is another highly praised Music Torrent downloading site. The site survives as a community of Singers and Musicians from around the world. It mainly focuses on providing with Mixtapes of almost every song. This website is a 100% legitimate torrent portal because it has not even a single byte of Copyrighted data on it. It presents the latest and old music Mixtapes on the courtesy of the owning companies. For promotional purposes only, the companies never sell any of the tracks on the site, but it allows you to download the Mixtapes freely. You are also encouraged to support the artists upon completion of their albums. As one of the best torrent sites, is definitely a remarkable piece of entertainment for all the Mixtape Music lovers.

48. Frozen Layer

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Frozen Layer is an Anime-based Torrent site that offers only Anime files for downloads. It’s free to access and allows the users to download the Anime and Manga via any compatible torrent client. Frozen Layer offers only high-quality Anime torrents and encourages you to keep them seeding for the other users. With a good number of Indexed pages and Anime Torrents from various other Torrenting sources are also available on Frozen Layer. If you are an Anime and Manga fan, this site is highly recommended for you. With all the easy navigation and a whole lot of superb content, Frozen Layer is one of the best Anime Torrent Sites of all times.

49. AnimeUKI

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AnimeUKI is another great Anime-based Torrent site that offers downloads via the P2P link using a BitTorrent Client. The site offers a very fast and secure data transfer. It focuses on all the Unlicensed English Anime and Manga and provides with a remarkably friendly community. With all the licenses in place, AnimeUKI is the Legitimate Anime Torrent Site for all the Anime lovers. Furthermore, AnimeUKI offers extensions for the FireFox and Opera browser for a faster reach to the site’s content. If you are fond of Anime, this site might be a good place to download them for free. As one of the best Torrent Sites, AnimeUKI is also one of the most reliable, fast, and Secure Anime torrent sites.


free torrent sites is another great title among the Best Torrent Sites of all times. The site features a beautiful theme and allows you to enjoy a brilliant user experience. This site is known as one of the most secure and fast Torrent Downloading mediums. Another great feature of TorrentBox is that it’s totally free to access and there are no ads on the site. this makes the site easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.  With a remarkably huge database, TorrentBox offers torrents on almost all of the genres. Released back in 2014, TorrentBox has millions of indexed pages and is ranked with the toppers. Do give it a try.


All the above-mentioned titles are of 100% working best Torrent Sites. If you download torrents regularly, you can use any of these sites and find out all of your favorite downloads. Hopefully, this list will be of your great interest and it will help you find the torrents more efficiently. If you know any more of the working torrent sites, do let us know via the comments. We’ll be happy to add them to the list. Also, if you find any of the websites in the list which are no more live / working or having any other issues which are not safe for the users, please report us in the comments below and we will review and remove that particular torrent site.

Of course, you can’t remember the name of all 50 torrent sites, just save this page in your bookmarks / add to favourites and visit the page with a single click whenever you need to. For bookmarking the page, Windows PC users can use Ctrl + D while Mac users can use Command + D shortcuts.

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