Laravel : List of Artisan Make Commands with Parameters

Laravel has awesome set of artisan commands, probably the most often used are make:xxx – like make:model or make:migration etc. But do you know all of them? And, moreover, do you know their parameters which...

Prestashop : Global smarty template variables

{$base_dir_ssl} URL of your store when SSL certificate is active {$base_dir} URL of your store {$cart} Information about cart. Read entries below for more informations {$cart->id} ID of customer cart {$cart...

jQuery: hide() box when clicking on body but not() on element itself?

You need to check against instead is i.e. $('body').click(function(e) { var target = $(; if(!'#btn') && !'#overlay')) { if ( $('#overlay').is(':visible') )...

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Total Custom Post and Pages

// total number of pages ST —- $type = “home-videos”; $display_post =9; $destinationtotal = array(‘post_type’ =>$type, ‘posts_per_page’ =>-1, ); $destinationtotals = new...

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Time ago function in Javascript

The question is how to format a JavaScript Date as a string stating the time elapsed similar to the way you see times displayed on Stack Overflow. 1 minute ago 1 hour ago 1 day ago 1 month ago 1 year ago function...

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